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Watch how quickly locked doors open without Ultion.

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Ultion  locks

Key Control. Another layer of security.

Our keys keep what we have safe and we keep our keys safe. That’s why Ultion now comes with the extra protection of Ultion Key Control.

  • Your keys are linked only to you.

  • Nobody can cut keys without your permission.

  • Early warning system for extra protection.

Why Ultion?

Double the sacrificial protection.


of locks are broken by snapping.

Lock snapping is the most common method of burglary
technique because it is quick, quiet and requires little skill.
Ultion is designed snap safely and in a controlled way

An alarm tells you when someone is in.
The door LOCK stops them getting in.

This is one of the odd facts. Many UK homes have spent £100's even £1000's on expensive  alarm systems and CCTV products, that will tell everyone that an intruder is in your home.

Yet the door lock that physically stops them getting in probably costs £3 

Keyed Alike

With Ultion, you can have all your locks Keyed alike.
Just one key to open all your doors.
No more fumbling around looking for the right key.
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